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To Inspire Creative Thinking and Innovation

Your company may have effective team members but there’s still room for creativity and innovation. In fact, creativity is the key to a thriving company in today’s age of conceptualism where companies are just ‘one idea away’ from an untold fortune.

This one-day, fun and interactive workshop uses arts-based exercises to help participants open their minds and get inspired.

Attendees will learn how to access the emotional, creative, innovative right side of their brain and gain more balance in their thinking. They will uncover their right-brain ideas in a challenging but non-threatening environment by using drawing, writing, painting and/or three-dimensional works.

No need to be an artist – in fact, non-artists will thrive here.

This workshop is designed to focus on objectives such as:
Stress reduction and relaxation, developing creativity in the workplace and in life, productivity, problem-solving and more. Each workshop (also called a play-shop) includes hands-on art challenges to provide participants with the chance to re-ignite creativity within them.

What outcomes you’ll get from the workshop:
Innovative and creative thinking, more productivity, time management and new ideas for your life and business.

Workshops range from 2-4 hours and we’ll tailor them to suit your organization

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