What Today’s Leaders Really Want

 In Creativity

There’s been a lot of research and talk about what leaders look for in employees and themselves. Do you know what’s really important? Creativity. That’s right – creativity.

Creativity is the ability to transcend rules, patterns and ideas and create new interpretations, originality, forms and methods to create. There’s a strong need for creativity as we’ve gone from the Industrial Age to the Information Age and now to the Conceptual Age.

With the ability to outsource more mundane projects, and the rise of the Internet and Social Media, it’s more challenging for people and companies to ‘stand out’ from the digital noise. By being creative, people and companies can solve challenges, get attention and move forward.

Try This: Creativity demands time and space to happen. Look for ways to build ‘free time’ into your day. It might be in your commute, it might be in between meetings – be creative about creating creative time!


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