Corporate Stress-Busting Art Tour

Heart shaped rocksMore than half of all work absenteeism is due to stress-related issues and more than 70% of doctor’s visits are due to the effects of stress. This strains the healthcare system and costs companies millions of dollars in lost productivity.

“Stress slows down individual cognition and the time taken to complete a task doubles with the introduction of an external stressor.” – Idzikowski and Baddeley (1983)

For companies and individuals to thrive in today’s highly competitive market, it’s important to handle stress in a healthy way.

Our Corporate Stress-Busting Art Tour helps both executives and employees minimize and creatively handle stress.

First, participants are challenged to see things new by visiting an artist’s studio or museum.

Next, they learn innovative and creative stress relief exercises in a comfortable, fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Finally, everyone has the opportunity to be a creator and design their own artwork. (Great for non-artists)

Why this works:

When people calm down and create, they use the right side of their brain which isn’t concerned about judgment, time or self-doubts.

People ‘lose themselves’ in the creation process – something they did when they were five or six years old and their imagination was endless and ‘anything seemed possible.’ When people are in this state, thoughts and blood pressure slow down and stress isn’t present.

People learn skills they can use forever to minimize stress in the mind and body. Since stress begins with a thought, people learn how to control their thoughts in new and creative ways.

One Day Itinerary:

  • Tour artist’s studio or art museum
  • Lunch
  • Escape the Pace® innovative stress relief exercises
  • Creativity exercises
  • Individual art-making session

Investment: $1500*

* Travel costs for Escape the Pace® leader are additional. Venue, transportation and refreshment costs are the responsibility of the client. The scale and scope of specific programs influences cost. Up to 25 people – minimal material costs for additional participants.

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