Sailing on stoneCorporate Based Art Retreats

Companies and businesses are faced with more pressure to make a profit and are seeking cost-effective solutions to reduce employee absenteeism and stress by providing practical education and preventative health care instruction.

What’s the benefit of arts-based learning and programs?

Arts-based programs and teachings are used strategically to: build relationships, problem-solve, increase productivity, create new products and services, team-build, innovate, reduce stress and burnout and minimize employee absenteeism.

Exercises are designed to:

Help people break free of traditional mind sets by triggering the right brain which is often underused in corporate environments. These exercises strengthen and balance both sides of the brain. Activities include: drawing, painting, story-telling, puzzles, art tours and more and will awaken the senses, sharpen the imagination and allow amazing new insights for taking personal and professional risks.

Escape the Pace® offers hands on retreats and customized creative stress-busting sessions for groups from 10-25. Retreats involve leaving the company premises and visiting art studios or museums. Programs are designed for each client’s needs.

Here are 2 of our most popular Corporate Artscape Retreats:

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