Journaling into a Great Year

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The Power of Journaling…

“When we write, we touch the core of authority within ourselves. We free our natural, native voice that is tied to the innate power in us.” – Mark Matousek

When I was in grade six, I won a spelling contest and was awarded a shiny yellow journal with a lock and key. I loved that journal. I used it to record the frustrations and events of a pre-teen; it was my safety-net, my therapist and escape…

Years passed and this practise fell by the wayside; the demands of work and family took precious time and resources and left very few moments to write. Recently, I was reminded of the importance of the practice, and I made time to journal again…

Why the Interest in Journaling?

In the last few years, there’s been a proliferation of journals, pens and non-technological writing tools in the market. Journaling, scrap-booking and photo and written journals have grown to combat the burgeoning technology in the world. In fact, research shows that stress, eyestrain, headaches and energy drains have resulted from excess screen time and some people are seeking paper journals to avoid screen time and communicate.

Many famous people made their greatest discoveries while using a journal. Among them, Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vince recorded endless theories and discoveries in the books they carried with them. What if they never recorded their thoughts?

Benefits of Journaling:

  • Improve your communication skills
  • Create more mindfulness in your day
  • Improve your memory and comprehension
  • Unleash your creative side – possibly come up with that ‘million dollar idea’
  • Positively affects your mental well-being – write about your challenges, relationships, solutions to challenges
  • Goal setting – write down your goals and steps to achieve them (hint: when you take your goal from your mind and transfer to paper, it becomes more ‘real’ and when you post your goals where you see them every day, they happen!)

How to Get Started

  • Use a basic journal, nothing too fancy to begin (you may move up to a fancy journal later)
  • Decide if you want the journal to have many ideas rolled into it or whether you want a ‘theme’ journal such as a travel journal
  • Decide on the topics – ideas may include: family adventures, art journal, traveling to other countries journal, autograph book, baby journal, book of firsts, list of good books and movies, food/recipe journal, poetry, road trips, shopping, mother’s book, gardening ideas, bride’s journal, student book, gratitude journal, inspirational quotes, ideas and inventions, relationship challenges and answers, dream journal, wine book and more

Try This:

Build 10-15 minutes of ‘escape time’ into your day and start writing in the morning, during the day or at night. Avoid editing your thoughts – this is an idea generator, not an English paper. If you conjure up ideas throughout the day, keep a journal by your bed, in your car, purse, sports bag, etc. and when inspiration hits, you’ll be ready. And who knows? The next idea may just change your life…


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