How to Add More Things You LOVE to Your Life (and Why You Should)

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What do you think of when you study this photograph? Does it make you smile?
One thing I LOVE is taking photographs, anything superheros and having FUN!
So… I combined these three things to make this image.

While this is the month of Valentine’s Day and it may symbolize LOVE with another person, it also means more – it is a time to consider what you LOVE in your life. You may have forgotten as your busy adult life may be filled with errands, duties, work and more.

What do you miss in life? Are you caught up in working hard, paying bills, impressing others? Do you feel as though a large part of you is missing?

When you feel like something is ‘missing or not right’ in your life, you are correct. As a coach, I notice people have all the answers inside them but they are so busy being responsible that they get confused about what they want and they lose track of what energizes them.

There are many reasons why you need to make time for you. The reasons are:

Life is too Short – as I wrote this blog, I heard bad news about someone I cared for and it rocked me to the core. It made me think about all the creative things I have ignored because of work, family, etc. and was a huge kick in the ass that I need to start doing things I love. The only time we have is NOW!

Get out of a Rut – when you feel ‘stifled, bored, unmotivated…’ there’s nothing better to snap you out of this by trying and learning something new. Inspirational speaker, Mel Robbins, mentions this in her recent online video course – Mindset Reset. She believes if you are stuck, you need to move forward by doing what you love and learning a new skill or hobby.

Improve Your Health – When you are happy, doing what you LOVE, it affects your health in a positive way. Scientific research indicates that your stress level goes down and this affects your heart and brain in positive ways when you are doing what you LOVE.

Great for Relationships – When you add things you LOVE to your life, you are happier, people like to spend time with you, relationships improve and you can meet new people by sharing common interests.

How do you know what you love? Where do you start?
Start by paying attention – that’s right… pay attention when you feel energized, happy, free-spirited – when you are having fun. These are strong signs.

Need some ideas to get started? Try something on this list…

  1. Reading, writing, blogging
  2. Biking, hiking, walking, climbing, kayaking, skiing, paddle-boarding, canoeing, swimming
  3. Growing a business, community
  4. Pilates, yoga, spinning, lifting weights
  5. Spending time outdoors alone, with family, friends
  6. Spending time with furry friends – cats, dogs, other critters
  7. Playing an instrument, singing, writing music, playing video games
  8. Drawing, painting, journaling, multi-media art, video production, taking photographs
  9. Building, creating, making, baking, cooking
  10. Helping others, making others happy, helping animals

Take this month to add at least one thing you LOVE into your day every day. It can be something simple – meditation, exercise, reading affirmations, drawing…whatever it is, it does not need to cost much or take much time but it does need to energize you and you need to LOVE it!

If you want a few more tips to help you add what you LOVE to your life, get this FREE REPORT HERE

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