Stress-Busting Strategy Session

Are you struggling with project overwhelm, stress and clarity in your life or business?

If so, you’re not alone. Imagine if you could take one hour and get the help you need to eliminate the stressors, get focused and have a clear plan.

This also called: The Stress-Buster Power Hour.

In this hour you get:

  • Your own customized plan to blast through project overwhelm
  • A professional, certified coach to listen, ask questions, help you set up an effective plan of action
  • Tips to align your goals and dreams with your bigger vision
  • Strategies to minimize clutter and distractions, stress and anxiety
  • Practical time-skills for busy people
  • Ways to engage your creativity in your life and business
  • Strategies to focus on high-payoff activities

Contact Lisa today to get started!

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