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celebrate wins“Life is too short not to celebrate nice moments!” – Jurgen Klopp

Have you ever worked on a project for so long that once it was accomplished you felt ‘deflated’ or the completion of the task felt ‘anti-climatic?’ There’s often this ‘high’ that we get when we pursue a goal and feel like we’ll experience an incredible feeling once it is complete. Sometimes we feel euphoria (it depends on many circumstances) but occasionally we feel apathy, exhaustion and disappointment.

This may occur because we don’t acknowledge our daily, weekly, monthly and yearly ‘wins.’ We tend to complete a project or task and then swiftly move on to the next with barely a feeling of accomplishment; we keep chasing after all the things we must accomplish.    

The problem with this way of responding is that there isn’t a feeling of completion; we haven’t acknowledged our win. Sometimes the accomplishment may be something simple such as: speed reading through 500 emails, cold-calling a prospect when we feel anxious, performing well in a presentation… These small victories often go unnoticed. It seems we only notice the large ‘wins’ and are quick to notice our mistakes instead and this leaves us feeling drained, stressed and apathetic.

It is important to pay attention to our small victories as well as the big ones as these ‘wins’ give us joy, increase happiness and actually motivate us.

A small win can be defined as an activity you have done successfully that you may not have been sure you would complete; these wins don’t have to be world-changing but they should add to your confidence and make you feel happier and inspire you to set new goals.

Here are some tips to celebrate your wins:

Pay attention. Throughout your day, pay attention to your actions and struggles and notice when you achieve something that you were unsure you could accomplish. Give yourself credit, smile, maybe sneak a small treat into your day – coffee, chocolate, a quick walk…

Be happy and excited. We often try to ‘act cool’ in front of others and we downplay our wins but you need to stop doing that and get excited. This will not only help increase your happiness but also help with confidence and motivation.

Tell others about your wins. When you accomplish something that makes you feel good, tell someone you like and trust; this will increase the bond with that person as you are reaching out and sharing something positive. Who doesn’t like hearing about small wins during a busy and stressed day?

Treat yourself. When you accomplish something good during your day, be sure to reward yourself. It might be watching your favourite show, ordering take-out food, taking a longer lunch hour… whatever it is, be sure to enjoy it.

When you notice your daily accomplishments and celebrate them, you’ll feel motivated and happy and want to do more. In life, it’s the small things that add up and create an amazing life.


For this escape, take five minutes think about what you have accomplished in your day. Did you blast through 500 emails efficiently and quickly? Did you complete a small report before a deadline; did you make those five cold calls? Whatever you accomplished, be sure to give yourself a treat to celebrate.

Your treat will be as individual as you are.

For example, if you’re a coffee lover, you might visit your favourite coffee shop and order a specialty coffee. If you’ve been putting off a small purchase, buy the item desire. If you love to be outdoors, pack a picnic basket, a good novel and enjoy lunch outdoors at a local park. Your celebrations will be as unique as you and the only thing holding you back is your imagination!

Celebrating the small wins add fun to your life because when you feel like you are moving forward, you’re more motivated when things become challenging.

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