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Lisa’s Short Bio:

Lisa Rickwood, BFA, CPCC,GCDF is an author, speaker, certified life coach and career development facilitator. She has worked with business owners, people seeking work and changing careers, facilitated and developed numerous workshops, co-owned a high-end store with her husband and worked in advertising and marketing.

Lisa is the author of: Escape the Pace and co-author of Power & Soul.

She has been an authority on stress reduction and has offered strategies and tips to publications such as: Woman’s World and numerous online and offline media sources.

She’s also a wife and mother and is aware of the demands of juggling work and family. When she’s not juggling multiple things and projects, she’s escaping to the great outdoors on Vancouver Island, drawing, writing and being creative.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What inspired you to write your book, Escape the Pace®?
  2. What is escaping the pace?
  3. Why should I care about calming down? What are the benefits?
  4. Do you think we are busier now than we were 20 or 30 years ago?
  5. What are your top five favorite escapes?
  6. How does a person ‘escape the pace’ during a busy working day? Can you give me some practical and simple examples?
  7. I like to be busy and thrive on a certain amount of stress. Why would I want to slow down or calm down?
  8. Is multi-tasking useful or stressful? What do you recommend?
  9. How could families benefit from your techniques and strategies?
  10. How could executives, company owners or employees benefit from your stress management tips?

Media Outlets Lisa Has Been featured In:

  • Woman’s World
  • Business for Beginners
  • Power & Soul
  • Homes & Living Magazine
  • Essence for Women: Vancouver Island
  • Vancouver Breakfast Television
  • Clear FM 106.9
  • Mamazina
  • The Province
  • Nanaimo Daily News
  • Mom Writers Literary Magazine
  • Synergy Magazine
  • Common Ground
  • Herbal Collective
  • Berkeley Psychic Institute
  • Forum Magazine
  • Women’s Radio
  • Ezine Articles Expert Author
  • Evan Carmichael Expert Author
  • Go Articles Expert Author
  • Expert
  • Expert speaker
  • Expert Panel Writer
  • Article Alley Author
  • and numerous other sources
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