About Lisa Rickwood

artist-lisa-rickwoodLisa Rickwood, BFA, CPCC, GCDF, is an artist, author, Certified Life Coach and Career Development Practitioner.

Her background is diverse and includes over 11 years as co-owner of a high-end retail store she owned with her husband, advertising/marketing and sales experience, owner of a part-time art company and coach to clients all over North America.

Currently, Lisa is practicing as a Certified Life Coach and Career Development Practitioner and helps clients manage everything from stress and anxiety to business, career direction, change and more.

Lisa is the author of, Escape the Pace: 100 Fun and Easy Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy Your Life and co-author of: Power & Soul: 42 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets for Creating the Business and Life of Their Dreams.

She has been an authority on stress reduction and has offered her advice to such publications as: Woman’s World (Stress Management Section), Common Ground and other magazines. She’s also served as an online expert on various websites and has done interviews as far away as New Zealand.

She has been featured in The Province and appeared on Breakfast Television and more.

Lisa is also a busy wife and mother and is aware of the demands of juggling work, family and other responsibilities while maintaining a calm and happy life. This experience helps Lisa to be a resource and inspiration to others faced with numerous life challenges. While Lisa doesn’t pretend her life is perfect, she does her best to learn and grow and motivate others to aim for their best lives!

When not working with clients, you’ll find Lisa enjoying the great outdoors, exercising, spending time with family and friends and writing and creating artwork in her studio.

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