A Life-Saving Vacation that Costs Business Owners Almost Nothing

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Escape The Page Paperback book eBook and AudiobookAward-winning book gives time-stressed people 100 ways to slow down, take a little break, and increase productivity.

For 50 weeks straight one year, Lisa Rickwood did not feel good.

Two small children, a growing business, and working over 40 hours a week siphoned Lisa Rickwood of her time, sanity, and health.

Her wake-up call was clear. She needed to escape, but how? Were others feeling as stressed out as she was?

In her award-winning book, Escape the Pace: 100 Fun and Easy Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy Your Life, Rickwood takes on North America’s serious time-drain epidemic and its negative effects: Time-sickness, impatience with ourselves and others, and our need to do it all.

To cash in on a higher joy ratio and steer away from information overload, diminishing creativity, and loss of productivity, Rickwood outlines 100 ways to recapture peace. These mini breaks require neither copious amounts of time or money and are perfect for busy people.

Rickwood’s mini-breaks run the gamut in type and style. Reading, writing, office games, and Feng Shui all take center stage, as well as technological vacations, simple breathing exercises, and even a day off.

Eschewing complicated lists and major time commitments, Rickwood’s simple solutions are no more than a few pages or paragraphs each, giving easy-to-do ideas that can be implemented immediately.

Written for the stressed, the timeworn, and anyone sick and tired of making room for everyone else, Escape the Pace is the first step toward a life that’s actually worth living.

Escape the Pace is an award winner! Finalist, the Fresh Voices 2006 Book Awards


About the Author:

Lisa Rickwood obtained her visual art degree from the University of Victoria and sold her artwork internationally until she moved from Victoria to Nanaimo to work in the newspaper industry as an advertising executive. In 1999, she and her husband purchased a market-leading menswear store. Shortly thereafter, she experienced the sudden passing of an employee on the premises. She decided life was too short and started researching ways to combat stress. As a result, she wrote her first book, Escape the Pace, designed for busy small business owners. She’s appeared in numerous newspapers across North America, was interviewed by U.S. Magazine, First For Women, and is a regular contributor to Woman’s World magazine. She also writes for North American magazines and on-line publications.


Media Contact:
Lisa Rickwood, BFA, CTACC

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