7 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

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PipersPondAs winter starts to wind down, many of us feel unmotivated, moody, and uninspired. If you want to feel happier, motivated and ready to take on the rest of the year, check out these 7 ways to help you blast through winter blues.

  1. Planning: Put a plan in place to do things that give you joy – book a music concert, plan a day trip somewhere, an upcoming vacation, book your summer vacation…in short, put fun plans in place so you have things to look forward to in your life.
  2. Exercise: If you’ve been cooped up inside for weeks or months and haven’t been as active as you normally would be (or if you’ve ignored exercise), see how you can increase this in your life. You may incorporate activity in your life by taking your dog for a walk, adding a walk at lunch time…including small amounts of exercise slowly into your life so you don’t feel overwhelmed. You’re more likely to stick to the exercise habit if you don’t go from couch potato to marathoner in a week – instead, add a little exercise to your life every day.
  3. Have fun: What can you do to have more fun? It’s easy to find ways to be miserable – just look at some of the posts on Facebook or turn on the news or focus on the negatives in life…Instead, be more creative and add fun to your life. Visit friends that make you laugh, attend or watch a comedy or try a funny new hobby…
  4. Get Social: Sometimes the doldrums of winter can make the most social and extroverted person feel like hibernating under several cozy duvet covers. That may seem like a good idea when the weight of the world has worn you down and you need a break but after a while, you’ll start to feel the need to get social and see people or at least someone who can make you feel better. Since we’re social animals, connections with others are important, even if we suffer from depression and/or anxiety. Feeling bad alone is never good – we need to reach out to others. If you feel like you’d rather sit and watch Netflix for days on end without seeing another human, challenge yourself to get out of the house, talk to people or visit a friend. Having someone who understands you and is in your presence can make a huge difference and pull you out of the ‘funk’ you may be feeling.
  5. Get out in Nature: If cold, bad weather or lack of motivation have kept you indoors, bundle up and go outside. Visit a park nearby, take a drive to an area you want to check out…prepare to get a little wet, cold, windblown – breathe in fresh air. Often, all we need is to break away from 4 walls and be outside and immersed in nature. Watch the waves at a beach, see leaves rustling in the wind, feel the chill of cool air on your cheeks…
  6. Try a New Hobby: A great way to embrace this time of year is to try a new hobby or pick up a long-abandoned one. What can you try this year? Learn a new language, an instrument, study about another country and plan to travel there…the list is endless.
  7. Add Good Food to Your Moods: Certain foods can improve your mood and others can make you feel worse. Research states that too much sugar, caffeine and alcohol may not help you but foods such as: nuts, oil fish, bananas, lentils, oats, chicken and turkey, dark chocolate and drinking enough water may make a positive difference to your moods. If you want to feel better, check with your healthcare provider and get health strategies to improve your health.

If you’re feeling a little ‘out of sorts,’ try these 7 strategies to help you beat the ‘winter blues.’ Keep us posted on how you’re feeling…Happy escaping!


Lisa RickwoodCEA “Chief Escape Artist”

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