7 Ways Nature Helps You to De-stress and Relax

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You’ve had a night of restless sleep, anxiety in the pit of your stomach and a racing mind at work. In fact, you’ve felt ‘out of sorts’ lately and you desperately need a quick escape…

Escaping into nature is a great way to boost your mood, reduce stress and get needed exercise. In fact, research indicates many benefits to being outdoors. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Recharges your brain: when you are outside and you disconnect from technology, your brain is able to calm down and get centered, thus giving you more mental energy later in the day.
  2. Physical activity boosts your endorphins: endorphins are chemicals that are released when you exercise, and they quickly interact with receptors in your brain. When this occurs, you experience a positive feeling in your body and your perception of pain is reduced.
  3. Your body is able to produce more Vitamin D when you are outdoors which aids in many bodily functions such as: immunity, stronger bones, muscle strength, cognitive function, mood and more. Scientists are continuing to discover the power of this vitamin which gets a boost when people are outdoors in the sunlight.
  4. Better Sleep: spending time in nature exposes you to natural light which in turn helps to normalize and balance your sleeping pattern.
  5. Lowers Stress Hormones: as soon as you spend time outdoors, your stress hormone – Cortisol, begins to lower, causing you to feel calmer and less stressed.
  6. Increases Creativity: when you are outdoors, your mind has moments where it can calm down, focus on the scenery and this is when you may ‘daydream’ and come up with great, new, creative ideas as the brain slips into a slower Alpha state.
  7. ‘Get away from it all:’ when you escape to nature, you often ‘live in the moment’ as you are noticing the environment around you. It’s hard to be really stressed out when you are witnessing a seagull flying overhead or climbing up the side of a small cliff.

There are many benefits to escaping into nature and this is just the beginning. Knowing this, I hope you give yourself the gift of a great ‘nature escape!’ Send us your best nature escape ideas!

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